Checklist: Preparing for Life on Campus

on May 9, 2017

College life comes with a lot of changes: more responsibility, a rigorous academic schedule and a host of new opportunities. One of the most significant, though, is adjusting to life on campus. Packing up your life and moving into a dorm can be scary, but with this list, your transition to college will be easier:


Talk to Your Roommate before Moving In


Whether you’re moving in with someone you don’t know or are moving in with a friend, it’s important to touch base before move-in day. You’ll need to coordinate who is bringing things like the TV, mini fridge, microwave and other room essentials. If you want to go the extra mile, you can design a room theme with your roommate.


Set Rules


College comes with a lot of change and people adjust differently. It’s important to talk with our roommate and set a few ground rules, including when you want to have the lights turned out, what passes for acceptable behavior and when you’ll need to occupy the room. It might sound lame, but setting these rules up ahead of time will help you avoid friction later in the year.


Buy Comfortable Bedding


If your college hasn’t built luxury dorms, chances are you will be saddled with a rectangular room with a bed that has an uncomfortable mattress. Don’t fear: There is a plethora of great bedding options out there. Memory foam, comfortable sheets, a nice comforter and blankets for colder months will take your bed from drab to fab.


Stock up on Snacks


Although college cafeterias offer many different options, you’ll still need some food in your dorm room. When you’re studying at 2 a.m. and craving a snack, microwaveable macaroni and cheese will hit the spot. Plus, your campus cafeterias might not be open 24 hours.

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