How to Make the Most of Freshman Orientation

on August 9, 2017

You will want to do your freshman orientation right. It’s a chaotic and nerve-wracking time, but making the most out of your orientation can lay the foundation for fantastic college years in the future.


Here are some tips for maximizing your experience during orientation:


Meet Others


Whether you have a hundred upperclassmen friends or don’t know anybody on campus, getting to know some of your peers makes getting comfortable on campus easy. Orientation also presents you with the best opportunity to introduce yourself to others. Most freshmen are looking for new friends, and many are too shy to reach out. Taking initiative and meeting new people is a good way to start your college social life, and it could leave you with lifelong friendships.


Attend Optional Events


Lots of orientation programming isn’t mandatory, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. Events like activities fairs, icebreakers, performing arts showcases and off-campus meet-ups provide opportunities to socialize and familiarize yourself with groups to join on campus. These events might not take place once classes begin so choose a few to check out.


Don’t Worry about Classes


It’s difficult to stay stress-free during orientation when you’re aware that classes are just around the corner. Luckily, the first week of freshman year college courses is easy and filled with professors explaining the course syllabus and what they expect from students. Assignments don’t pick up until the second or third week. Put your thoughts about classes and coursework on the backburner and focus on your orientation.


Ask Questions


Freshman orientation provides the best way to get all your college questions answered by faculty and upperclassmen. Those already at your college understand that incoming freshmen arrive with every question imaginable, and the resources for answering your questions never will be more available.

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