How to Prepare for Winter Break

on August 16, 2017

Winter break’s weeks of rest, catching up with family and meeting up with friends are something to look forward to. Still, there’s plenty of preparation to consider before you leave campus.


Here are some tips for winter break preparations:


Talk to Family Beforehand


It’s likely you’ll be traveling back home for at least some of the break. Ask your family about their winter break plans and when they want you home. You still can organize brief trips and get-togethers with your friends, but your family will want to catch up with you.


You’ll also want to reach out early to discuss travel plans and when to both leave campus and return before classes start. Check your college calendar to book a round trip ticket early if you live far away.


Get Ahead


It doesn’t sound appealing, but getting ahead in your classes during winter break makes the transition back to college much easier. College winter breaks are longer than the breaks you had in high school and you’re likely to get bored at some point. Even if you just finished finals, look into what reading material your next courses require and review notes that might be relevant to your upcoming classes.




Even if you’re inundated with finals and papers, set aside some time to pack what you’ll need for break. Packing is an efficient way to take a break from studying. Set aside some time a few days before you leave to make piles of clothes to pack and a checklist to review later. It’s likely you’ll forget something, and returning to your checklist with a fresh mind can remedy this issue.


Prioritize Finals


It’s particularly difficult to focus on studying before winter break, but getting distracted and doing poorly on your finals starts your break on a low note and permanently affects your college transcript. Concentrate on tackling one final at a time and use winter break as motivation, not a distraction.

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