The Five People You Should Meet in College

on June 27, 2017

The most fascinating part of college is the people you meet and the ways they influence your life.


For many students, college is the first time you are given the space to think and act for yourself. This freedom encourages students to interact with people they never would have engaged with in high school or their hometowns. And although every relationship might not turn out to be a positive one, every encounter could be a teachable moment.


Here’s a list of the five types of people you are likely to meet while in college. These five are the ones you don’t want to leave school without saying you’ve encountered.


Your Best Friend


While in college, you will meet a lot of people who will change the way you see the world. Hopefully, your experiences will lead you to people who are kind, encouraging and purposeful. Find friends that you can learn from, are willing to be vulnerable with you and allow you to be vulnerable with them. In true friendship, look for patience, kindness and trustworthiness.


The Hard Professor


Maybe you missed a class or two, maybe you should have gone to office hours earlier in the semester — but you didn’t and now you’re not sure you will pass the class, and the professor doesn’t care at all. This professor is the real-life version of the “it builds character” advice your parents gave you as a child. Do the work and endure, there’s no way around it.


Your Mentor


This person is someone who will give you life and or professional advice with your best interest in mind. They might be a professor, someone working in your desired field or an older student who is willing to spend time talking to you about your goals and was to achieve them. One day you’ll be thankful for having met this person.


The Connected Friend  


This person is always aware of what is going on at your college. In essence, they’re connected with a lot of different groups of people and a great way to make additional friends. Always keep this person in your inner circle.


A Significant Other


This person will help you learn a lot of life lessons — wanted or unwanted. In a roundabout way, you’ll probably learn a lot about yourself and your wants and needs through this relationship. Learn the lessons and move on, and stay friends if possible.

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