Tips for Extroverts in College

on July 18, 2017

In college, many students discover that they’re more outgoing than they originally thought. These students identify as extroverts: Outgoing, expressive and social people.


Here are some tips for how to thrive as an extrovert in college.


Study in Groups


Studying in groups is a mutually beneficial way to prepare for exams. Have your friends prepare quizzes, presentations or study guides on certain lessons. Meet in a group to discuss study tactics and effective memory tools like anagrams and rhymes. Having others near you to clarify confusing material can help significantly come exam day.


Take Leadership Positions


Getting involved on campus is a quintessential college activity, but extroverts can take it a step further once they’ve found the right organization. Taking on a leadership role allows you to forge new relationships with others who share your passion. By dedicating your time and energy to improving your group, you’ll gain the respect of those involved and lead your peers to new successes.


Make the Most of Dorm Life


Your residence hall can be so much more than a living space. If you live in one of the more social dorms on campus, plan hangouts in lounge areas, movie nights and nights out with others living in your building. Creating a sense of camaraderie early in the year leaves you with many close friends by the end of the year.


Additionally, many college residence halls offer leadership positions. These roles often grant students the opportunity to plan larger events with a budget. Elections for such positions tend to occur at the start of the year, so inquire early.


Don’t Go Overboard


Being extroverted can seem easy, but keep in mind that, when it comes to college friendships, quality vastly trumps quantity. Focus on making a few great friendships instead of several casual ones. Coming off as shallow or superficial can hurt you in the long run, and forming a small social circle early on gives you a support system that’s sure to come in handy during your college years.

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