Tips for Handling Finals Week

on August 23, 2017

Although you’ve faced important exams in high school, your college’s finals are more stressful and require more studying. Finals can make or break your college experience, and starting the week without ample preparation can leave you reeling.


Here are some tips for surviving finals week:


Schedule Study Sessions and Free Time


Your finals week study sessions will be the most strenuous you’ll experience, and scheduling your free time appropriately is the best way to prepare. Consider which locations are the most conducive to your study habits and when you’ll want to take breaks. Leave plenty of time for getting a healthy amount of sleep and to be around friends. It’s essential to keep yourself in good spirits, as keeping a positive attitude helps motivate studying.


Check College Programming


Colleges offer freebies and stress-relief programming during finals week, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of these resources. They can prove to be a perfect study break. Save money by taking up offers of free coffee and snacks. Even designated finals week study spots can provide the environment you need to hunker down and hit the books. Look online or at a student center to see what your college offers to students during finals week.




You’ll take courses of varying difficulty each term, so come finals week, decide which courses you need to study for the most. Prioritize the final exams that you feel the least prepared for and for the courses you need a better grade in. If you already know you’re likely to get a great grade in a course even if you do poorly on the final, don’t spend too much time studying that material.


Additionally, if you have final papers and projects to finish alongside your study sessions, alternate between working on them and studying. This variance can keep your mind focused during long periods of schoolwork.


Stick to Your Guns


Just because it’s a period of rigorous studying doesn’t mean you should change your study habits during finals week. Stick to what you know works best for you, and practice the methods that have gotten you this far. Changing your strategies will leave you less prepared by the time you take your exams.

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