Tips for Introverts in College

on July 18, 2017

College provides the opportunity to learn more about your identity. For some, having your own time and space becomes more valuable than ever. These students often define themselves as introverts: People who are shy and more concerned with their own feelings compared to others.


Here are some tips for how to make the best out of the college experience as an introvert.


Find a Study Spot


Scope out libraries and campus buildings for secluded study spots. Finding the right space can help you escape distractions and focus on your work. Many areas on campus are overrun by study groups. Ignore spots frequently mentioned by other students and do some exploring.


Value Your Friendships


Just because you’re introverted doesn’t mean you’d be better off without a core group of friends. Showing your appreciation can make a huge impact, especially if they know you aren’t very social. Take your friends out for dinner, get them a birthday gift or check in with them on a regular basis. These small and unexpected gestures go a long way.


Befriend Other Introverts


Introverts tend to get along well with other introverts. They’re the ones who’ll understand when you want to lay low for the day or talk about yourself. It can be difficult for extroverts to understand the behavior of those less social than they are. Although you shouldn’t abandon befriending them, having a few introverted friends by your side is comforting.


Find Your Passions


One of the greatest parts of being an introvert is having plenty of free time to pursue your interests. Don’t feel pressured to know what your passions are the moment you step foot on campus. You’ll have plenty of time to try new things and do more of what you already love. College life presents you with more free time than you’re used to. Budget time efficiently and take advantage of your opportunity to explore everything your campus has to offer.

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