Tips for Working Students

on June 2, 2017

Sometime college students aren’t just students.


They’re parents, employees and volunteers. And that’s all perfectly OK. In some situations, working at least 20 hours a week is necessary to keep up with bills and responsibilities. Four out of five undergraduate students are working at least one part-time job while in school.


Keeping up with a full class load and maintaining a work life can be exhausting. Working students have a lot going on, here are tips to maintain your sanity and stay on top of it like a pro.


Make Beneficial Decisions


This is a time management tactic. If you must choose between getting an extra hour of sleep or taking an extra shift, decide and stick to it. Going back and forth about what to do only wastes time you don’t have.


Talk to Your Professors


Chances are, some of your professors still are paying off their student loans. Most are willing to give you extra time on an assignment or are more understanding of extended office hours if they are aware of your situation. It never hurts to ask.


Talk to Your Boss


Make sure your boss knows you are juggling your education while maintaining a professional career. Just like your teachers, if your boss is aware, they can work with you on having the best outcome possible.


Know Your Limits


Be sure to take a break. You’ll know you are at capacity when assignments are no longer turned in on time and your work is sloppy. Do something you enjoy that will make you happy. Taking time to relax or step away from your responsibilities will leave you recharged to tackle whatever comes your way.


Make Friends


Be friendly to people at work and in the classroom. You never know who will be willing to share their notes if you missed a class or who is willing to take an extra shift when you need some time off.

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