Tips for Working in Groups

on August 1, 2017

Whether you’re in high school or college, group assignments are a reality. It can be intimidating to let others determine part of your final grade, but performing well can pay off in the short and long term.


Here are some tips for working on group projects:




Each student excels in different areas. Split group assignments into different parts and survey the group to see what aspects appeal to each student. You’ll get the best work out of each group member. If none of the group members feel comfortable with part of the assignment, have everyone get together and do their best with each other’s input.


Worry Less about Scheduling


As helpful as it is to have every group member meet to discuss logistics and work on the project together, it’s better to save yourself the effort and meet when necessary. Students are busy in high school and doubly so in college. Avoid the stress of finding a time that works with everyone’s schedule and coordinate over text or email instead.


Don’t Be the Leader


There are times to step up and lead, but being the leader for a group project can be problematic. You might come off as bossy or too controlling, and taking additional responsibility for others’ grades is risky. Additionally, it puts you in a position of having more work expected from you. Groups should strive to divide assignment work equally. Work to unite the group and do your part as best you can.


Forge Relationships


Even if group projects aren’t your preference, they give you the opportunity to make new friendships. It never hurts to meet your peers, and if you’re working on a group project in a class pertaining to your major, it’s likely you’ll be given the opportunity to work with some group members again. Getting to know others who you could work with in the future makes future group projects, as you’ll know who specializes in what and who you’ll get along with best.

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