Top 10 Things to Not Take to College

on June 29, 2017

To keep your dorm or room tidy and your move in easy, here are 10 things to leave at home:

  1. Family keepsakes. Whether it’s the emotional bond you share with your childhood doll or the priceless gold necklace your grandmother gave you, things you value don’t have much use in your dorm. Plus, break-ins are common.
  2. A blender. Or a toaster, or a grill. It might be nice those handful of times you decide to cook in your dorm, but let’s be real. College is busy and you likely won't have the time to shop in a grocery store on the regular.
  3. A bunch of nice shoes. High heels and dress shoes are not the best method for trekking across a sprawling campus. If you’re saving your cute heels for the bars and clubs, just keep in mind that floors are sticky and someone will drop their drink near you.
  4. A printer. Professors are increasingly allowing students to submit assignments electronically. And for those who don’t? Most on-campus buildings have printers, so buy a thumb drive instead.
  5. A TV. It’s big, it’s bulky, it’s expensive and shouldn’t you be studying? Your laptop will suffice for the occasional binge.
  6. An iron. An iron and ironing board rarely will be used but always be taking up prime storage space. These are good items to have when you start your professional career, but they’re not needed as an undergrad. Also, find a dry cleaner near campus for all your business or formal wear needs.
  7. A stereo system. Bringing a large and expensive piece of equipment to a tiny dorm? Probably a bad idea. Having the RA visit every time you turn it on after 10p.m.? Definitely a bad idea.
  8. Heavy furniture. Chances are, whether you’re moving into a dorm, apartment or house, you will have to haul your belongings up and down stairs. Think light when moving. If you can sub plastic bins for a dresser, do it. Even better, sleep on a luxe air mattress to make moving in a breeze.
  9. Pets. You thought the goldfish was safe, low-maintenance choice, but someone is going to want to see how it reacts if a Red Bull is poured into its tank. This isn’t the time to be taking on additional responsibilities.
  10. Books. You’re already going to have a load of books for your classes each semester, so why add to the load? Chances are, you’ll rarely crack open a book from home during the semester. You’ll be busy with coursework.

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