Top Dorm Organization Hacks

on July 12, 2016

Even the best dorm rooms aren't known for being particularly spacious. Even brand-new dormitories can be a little short on space, and that can be a little challenging when you're trying to fit two people - or sometimes three, if you have a triple - and their belongings into one room.

So how can you make sure you're not wasting any space in your itsy-bitsy dorm room?

Use Your Walls
Walls aren't just for posters, photos and fairy lights. If you have some space above or next to your desk, put up some wall pockets or folders. These can hold any old assignments you want to hang onto, loose notes or important paperwork. Keeping it organized in a wall pocket means you don't need to worry about losing something you might need later and also keeps your binder and desk from getting too cluttered. Bulletin boards can also be great for this, but don't necessarily allow you to organize items by subject.

Put Your Door on Double Duty
Doors can be really underutilized in dorm rooms, and that's a shame because they offer so much potential to save space! Pick up a hamper or shoe rack that hangs on the back of your door. It'll save huge amounts of floor space and make your space appear tidier. Or, hang a pocket shoe organizer over the door and fill it with snacks! Go with one that has clear pockets to make sure you can see what you have on hand at all times.

Make Organizing Stick
Magnetic strips can be a huge help, no matter what type of space you're organizing! Attach containers to a metal strip, put it to a wall and voila! You're well on your way to getting organized. You can stick pens, pencils, markers or any other desk equipment one of these handy organizers if you hang it by your desk to cut clutter and make sure you never again lose your favorite pens. If you're in a suite with a bathroom, put one magnetic strip with containers in there to hold all your toiletries and grooming items.

Think Tall
Any type of organizational bins that stack up are a must-have. They're great for storing almost anything - extra clothes, sheets, towels or even nonperishable foods. And by stacking them up, you're saving more floor space.

Don't Bring Everything
It's tempting to pack up every belonging and bring it to college with you, but doing this almost guarantees you'll end up with no extra space and tons of clutter. Be careful about bringing too many things just because you like them - having a few familiar items can help you decorate and ward off homesickness, but that doesn't mean you need to bring all your childhood toys, photos, books and journals with you.

With a little creativity, it's simple to keep your dorm feeling organized and homey!

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