Unexpected Freshman Year Problems

on August 3, 2017

Incoming college freshmen frequently are warned about finals, eating healthy and not going overboard with their commitments. Yet there are many surprising issues new students face when acclimating to college life.


Here are some of the most unexpected freshman year problems:


School Supplies


You’ve settled in, gone through orientation and you’re ready to start taking classes. You might have forgotten the most obvious college must-haves: pens, notebooks and a calculator. Remember to pack some basic school supplies before you move so you don’t waste money buying them on campus.


If you didn’t bring a printer, finding a place to print work also can be a hassle. Ask students and professors about free printing centers on campus. Look as diligently as you can, as free printing will save you quite a bit of money by the time you graduate.


Bad Professors


Just because a class comes highly recommended doesn’t mean its professor is. College courses are taught by different professors throughout the year. It’s important to ask which professors are the best. You also can use online professor-rating websites.


Dropping Classes


The act of dropping a class has a negative stigma, but it can be one of the best decisions you make as a college student. If you’re doing poorly in a course, if it’s extremely uninteresting or if you realize that it doesn’t add to your degree track, save yourself the time and effort and drop the class. Most colleges allow you to take a course for a few weeks before dropping it, and a dropped course doesn’t affect your GPA.




College reading is much longer than those you experienced in high school. Keeping up with the reading for each course might seem unnecessary and a waste of time, but gathering the knowledge early and being able to follow along during lectures pays off come finals week. Setting small daily goals to accomplish your course readings might seem like a nuisance, but you are more likely to get a great grade in the class.

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