Unexpected Items to Add to Your College Packing List

on July 6, 2017

Clothes, bedding, toiletries and all of today’s necessary power adapters and battery chargers are common additions to any incoming freshman’s packing list. Yet there are plenty of important items you wouldn’t expect to see on a typical packing list. Here are a few unexpected items to bring with you to college.




Save yourself some money and bring whatever snacks you can. Chances are your first weeks on campus will be hectic, and having some nonperishable food in your backpack can save you from the embarrassment of a grumbly stomach during class. If you’re going to college somewhere with harsh winters, pack hot chocolate packets or your favorite kind of tea. If you’re moving somewhere warm, pack a reusable water bottle.


Memento from Your High School Friends


Just because college offers you the chance to redefine yourself doesn’t mean you need to distance yourself from your high school friends. Bring a photo album, a custom pillow or a yearbook to remember those who meant the most to you before you started a new life in college. In stressful or sad times these souvenirs can remind you of those you can always confide in.




Although most of your electronics use chargers at this point, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll need some extra batteries during your freshman year. Calculators, TV remotes and video game controllers are a few of the items that’ll require them. Pack some AA and AAA batteries in a sandwich bag and keep them in your backpack. You’ll never be stuck with a dead calculator during a quiz.


Storage Bins


Even though you haven’t moved in yet, it doesn’t hurt to keep the inevitable move-out in mind. Packing some storage supplies will make it much easier to move out of your dorm. Plastic storage bins can keep you organized. They will also save you some money by avoiding the need to buy flimsy cardboard moving boxes. By the time you’re ready to move out these extra containers will keep repacking to a minimum.

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