Ways that College is Easier than High School

on July 26, 2017

Although college is filled with exams, late night study sessions and rigorous papers, it’s not always harder than high school.


Here are some reasons why college is easier than high school:


More Free Time


Picking your classes, studying when you want and balancing your commitments are a few of the aspects of college that ease your schedule. You’ll be far more independent in college than you were in high school, and if you plan well you’ll have more time to spend with friends, pursue passions or sleep.


This increase in free time also allows college students to pace themselves. Some students prefer to work for hours on end while others are better off doing small chunks of work at a time. Budget your time and try different work study strategies.


Interesting Courses


Colleges offer a wide variety of courses, most of which are more interesting than the average high school class. College classes range from introductory courses to complex classes. Picking classes that grab your attention is a welcome reprieve from courses taken in high school.


Fewer Assignments


College classes assign less homework, but it does come at a price. Your assignments, projects and exams are heavily, and getting a low grade hurts you. If you’re studious and work hard, fewer assignments mean more free time and less stress.


Social Life


Student life is easier when you’re surrounded by friends who support you. In college, you’ll live closer to your friends than in high school. Your proximity to your friends and extra free time makes for a less stressful academic experience.


Additionally, colleges host countless organizations for students to get involved in. Some examples are intramural sports, campus publications, niche clubs and volunteer groups. Finding the right one for you can open you up to new interests, friends and experiences.

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