Ways to Become a Leader on Campus

on August 10, 2017

Taking a college leadership role is a great way to build a resume or gain experience. There are several ways to go about taking a leadership position and countless roles you can fill on campus, whether it be a team coach, a club president or a startup founder.


Here are some tips for becoming a leader on campus:


Follow Your Passions


It’s easy to lead in an area you’re passionate about. If you’ve found a student organization that you’re very interested in, consider whether you’re interested in getting more involved and possibly running for a leadership role. Being passionate about what you’re working on makes the work enjoyable. If it’s in a field you want to enter after college, serving as a leader looks great on a resume.


Weigh the Costs


Leadership roles require more time and energy than most college commitments, and you’ll be held responsible for the success or failure of the group you’re leading. Check your schedule to see if you have enough free time to dedicate to this role. If you already feel bogged down by current obligations, it’s best that you cut down on responsibilities and relax before trying to lead an organization.


Get Feedback


Your friends can help you decide what platform to run on, which strengths you can capitalize on and which weaknesses you can address. If you’re running in an election, your friends can help you design and put up flyers. Friends make a great sounding board for your ideas and speeches as well.


Rise through the Ranks


Don’t expect to be able to take on a leadership role in an organization you just joined. It’s important to pay your dues and prove your dedication to a group before gunning to lead it. Seniority also plays a big part in the power dynamics within student organizations, so respect those who came before you and know when it’s the right time to stand down and let more experienced students take the reins.

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