Ways to Make Friends Before Moving to Campus

on July 19, 2017

It can be daunting to head to college knowing only few people or no one at all. Even if your best friend heads to campus with you, you should take advantage of being surrounded by thousands of interesting and ambitious people your age.


Here are some ways to reach out to other students before your first day on campus:


Check social media. Add your college on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Students form groups on Facebook for their class, major or dorm. Connecting with people sets you up to know people before you move to campus. Plus, it will give you a good idea of who you might be able to meet up with at orientation. Students often share activites on Twitter and Instagram, as well. You never know what you find until you look.


Meet up with alumni from your high school. Even if you weren’t close, make sure to reach out to students at your college who you went to high school with. Ask if they want to meet up for coffee before the year starts. If they agree, you’ll at least know a few people on campus. At best, you will gain a new friend for the next several years of college.


Go on a trip. A pricer option is to go on a study abroad trip aimed at incoming freshmen. Heading to a foreign country for several weeks with a small group of students will cement friendships.


Take initiative. If you’re going to a college out of state, find other students attending the same college and arrange a meetup. Also, check to see if your college or its local alumni group are planning to organize something in your area.

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