What to Do After an Early Decision Acceptance

on July 18, 2017

The wait is over and your early decision application has led to your admission to your top college. Yet now you have a new to-do list to complete before you start your freshman year.


Here are some things to do after sending in an early decision application.


Rescind Other Applications


Since early decision acceptances are binding, withdraw the rest of your applications to free up spaces for other applicants. Unless you want to know the other colleges that accepted you, withdrawing your applications should be a priority once you’re accepted early decision.


Visit Campus


Even if you visited before being accepted, visiting again has its benefits. You can view the campus as your future stomping ground, see which facilities you want to frequent and take note of points of interest in the surrounding town or city. Tour as many dorms as you can to start making a shortlist of where you want to live during your freshman year. A post-acceptance visit is the best way to get a firsthand idea of what your next year will be like.


Contact Other Students


College acceptances bring new horizons, with new friends being one of the most exciting. Most colleges have groups on social media for students accepted early. Join one of these groups and write a short post about yourself and what you’re hoping to do on campus. Getting to know even one student before moving in puts you in a great position.


It’s also advantageous to reach out to any current students you know, as they can give you advice specific to the college you’ll be attending. Ask about scheduling classes, meal options, where to live, necessary supplies and tips for your first week.


Start Planning Your Move


Getting an idea of what you want to bring to college and to leave behind will make moving easier down the road. Start ranking items by necessity and consult with your parents on how you’re getting to campus. If it’s a flight away, consider shipping services and buying tickets while they’re less expensive.  Finalize who’ll help move you in and how early you want to arrive in your college town in the fall.


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