What to do if Your Roommate is Annoying

on June 12, 2017

You’re a morning person, she’s a night person.


You want to play loud music, he prefers a quiet space.


You prefer privacy, but they like to try on and wear your clothes without your permission.


Your friends enjoy gathering in your room to pregame, but your roommate continuously and impolitely asks them to loiter elsewhere.


If this happens, maybe your roommate matchup isn’t the best fit. Like most college students, what you hoped would be a fun relationship turned into a restrictive environment where you no longer feel comfortable. Roommate roulette is part of the college experience whether you like it or not. Much like Tinder, just because you lost the first round in matchmaking doesn’t mean you can’t try again.


Here are a few tips if your roommate is literally the worst:


Voice Your Concerns


Welcome to adult life. College students should know how to think creatively, constructively and learn to compromise. Have a conversation to express your concerns and try to work out the situation on your own. Hopefully, the two of you can come to an agreement or a more fair system for living together.


Try it Their Way


Sounds silly, right? Maybe there’s a reason they like the room a certain way. Try life their way before completely debunking their methods.


Get out of Your Room


If you have enough time to be annoyed by your roommate, maybe you’re spending too much time at home. There are many different activities and new people to meet on college campuses. Don’t dwell on the negative experience in a room where you sleep — go out and find people that will add to your happiness.


Is the Issue You?


Maybe you’re the annoying one. Examine your habits and talk to others to see if you are causing destruction to what could be a blossoming friendship. Are your daily habits appropriate and respectful? Would you want your roommate to treat you, and the room, the way you treat them?


Find an Alternative


Though I wouldn’t suggest finding a new roommate and exchanging rooms (I had a friend who did it three times in one year), sometimes there is no resolving an issue. Like an ugly divorce, take your things and find a new place to live. You deserve better and there’s no need to live in an unhappy and unwelcoming space. It’s all part of proper self care.

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