6 Signs You Should Change Your Major

on April 15, 2016

Your choice of major is important: It dictates much of your college coursework and can have a huge impact on future career choices. While some people know from a young age they want to study teaching or English, not all of us can make the decision so easily. If you're wavering on your choice of major, here are six signs you should probably declare a new one.

You're Bored


Yes, sometimes those 100-level introductory classes can be a little boring. But if you're moving on up, your classes should be getting more challenging and interesting. If you're constantly falling asleep, barely paying attention or couldn't care less about the subject matter it's time to find a topic that you won't be miserable studying for the next few years. 

You're Failing


Everyone struggles sometimes, but if you're failing in most of your major-related classes, there's a big problem. Doing terribly in the courses you're supposed to be interested in isn't a good sign. If meeting with your professors and tutors doesn't help, it's time to reassess whether you really want to continue your work in your current department. 

You Picked it Just to Choose One 


Maybe you selected a major on your college application just because you thought you had to, or maybe you did it just because everyone else had already declared one. Sometimes that works out and people love their fields of study, but not always. If you're feeling so-so about your major and didn't have a strong reason for choosing it, see if there's something else that could be a better fit. 

You're Envious of Your Friends' Majors


Do your friends all have really cool majors like music theory or history? Do you regularly browse the campus course catalog wondering why you don't get to take exciting classes? This could be a sign you're bored with what you're studying and need to switch it up. 

Your Parents Told You to Pick It


Mom and Dad are great people to turn to for guidance, but they shouldn't be making your decisions for you. Your parents may mean well when they tell you to be a pre-med or accounting major, but only you know what's really best for you. 

You Dread Working


The thought of getting a job after college should be pretty exciting, not fill you with dread! You may be studying the wrong field if you can't think of a single job you could get with your degree that would interest you. Talk to a career counselor or your advisor to see what your options for majors and careers are and find something that's a good fit. In the meantime, try the Cappex Careers and Majors quiz to get an idea of how your personality aligns with different possibilities. 

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