Why You Shouldn't Wait to Start Thinking About Your Major

on May 25, 2016

When you’re a freshman or sophomore in high school, it feels like you have forever until you need to start thinking about college. It’s even easy to delay thinking about your future for much of your junior year.

But what good will this do you?

The earlier you start thinking about college and a potential major, the more headaches you’ll save yourself in the long run. That’s why it’s never too early to take our Careers and Majors quiz to get a sense of the majors that will suit you, which schools offer them, and what potential career paths you can take. You don’t have to wait until college to use this information, though – you can use it throughout the rest of your high school years. Here are a few common questions the quiz can help you answer:

What Electives Should I Take?


Figuring out which high school electives suit your interests, skills, and class schedule can be tough. By taking the Careers and Majors quiz now, you’ll have a sense of which areas you do well in and what you may want to major in when you do head off to college. Use these results as a sort of guide when you’re choosing classes for next year, and then you may have a better idea of where your interests are and how you’d feel learning more about or working in a certain field.

Which Extracurriculars Do I Choose?


Being actively involved in high school can have an impact on whether or not you get into your first-choice college. But giving your attention to an extracurricular you’re not interested in and won’t commit to is a waste of both your time and the organization’s resources.

Use the results in the Personality Breakdown and Major Matches section of the quiz to determine what you may be passionate about or good at. This gives a sense of meaning to the activities you’re participating in outside of the classroom, can help you network for the future, and get an idea of what it would be like to certain topic or work in an industry.

Are Volunteer or Internship Opportunities Right for Me?


Full-time work seems a long way off, but it sneaks up fast. You don’t want to be underprepared with no experience or connections. For young people, the process of lining up an internship or volunteer project is overwhelming, which is why they often put it off. Unfortunately, procrastinating isn’t doing you any favors.

Looking for opportunities based on the results you get right away can help you determine if a certain path of study really is for you. Taking up a volunteer tutoring post, for instance, can be a good indicator of whether or not you’d actually enjoy getting an education degree once you head to college. Most organizations are all too happy for people interested in their cause to give some of their time, so take advantage and start testing out majors and careers before you set foot on campus.

Which Colleges Are a Good Fit?


Choosing a school that meets your academic, social, and budget requirements can be a challenge. Once you’ve taken the Careers and Majors quiz, you can explore schools with majors that fit your personality and interests. Add them to your list to get all the information you need and see if you have a good chance of being admitted. You may even discover some schools you’ve never heard of before! The more colleges you connect with, the better your chances of ending up at a school that really is the best match for you.

What Scholarship Opportunities Are Open to Me?


While many scholarships are open to all types of students, it's not uncommon to see some awards that are restricted to students who want to major in a certain topic or work in a specific field. If you know early on that you want to study nursing or computer engineering, you'll be able to see if you qualify for any scholarships for students interested in those subjects.

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