Best Pre-Med Colleges

on April 18, 2017

For those who know they want to pursue a career in medicine, having access to a clinical or teaching hospital and good mentoring is key. Below, we’ve listed some universities that provide top-notch assistance and opportunities for their premedical students.


Harvard University


With an acceptance rate of 5 percent, Harvard is a highly selective university that might not be accessible to all pre-med hopefuls. The school reports 93 percent of its premed undergraduate students with a GPA of 3.5 or above go on to be accepted at medical schools, compared to 42 percent acceptance for overall applicants. The school assigns premed tutors to students and provides the chance to work or study at nearby teaching hospitals.


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


UNC, a public university with a 26 percent acceptance rate, is highly recognized for its nine-week Medical Education Development Summer Program, which parallels an average first-year medical school curriculum for enrolled students. The program provides extra opportunities for pre-med students who haven’t been involved in research or publication, allowing them to explore different fields, take classes and strengthen their medical school applications for later down the road.


Johns Hopkins University


Located in Baltimore, Md., Johns Hopkins also is selective, with a 14 percent acceptance rate. Like Harvard, Johns Hopkins is a private university, but it has a premed advising program that is respected. Students have access to one of the most extensive, highly ranked medical schools and hospital campuses in the country. Its undergraduate medical school acceptance rate is consistently high.


University of Virginia


As another public university in Charlottesville, Va., in-state residents can have a more affordable education with ample pre-med opportunities at their fingertips. UVA’s medical school is among the best in the U.S., and with the hospital just down the street from the main campus, students can shadow doctors, engage in clinical research, or participate in medical volunteer programs during their undergraduate years.


Stanford University


Representing the west coast, Stanford’s medical school is among the best in the nation. Undergraduate students can join the Premedical Association to receive mentoring, curriculum information and assistance with their medical school applications during their final years at Stanford. The medical community is tightly knit and supportive, and premed students are welcomed into the mix.


Georgetown University and Boston University


Finally, Georgetown and BU should both be mentioned for their Early Assurance Programs, which allow premedical undergraduates at their schools to apply early to the university medical schools with a slight advantage. The offer students some comfort throughout what can be a long and difficult medical school application process.

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