Most Affordable Arts Colleges

on May 16, 2017

Here are some of the most affordable art schools in the country in some of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the U.S.


CUNY Hunter College


Hunter College, part of City University of New York (CUNY), has a highly regarded arts program and is located in New York City. It, however, doesn’t cost a fortune. Students can take advantage of New York's expansive world of art, music, design and performance. Students also can showcase their work in the college’s four large galleries. The college's professors and faculty advisors are some of the most accomplished in the world. Undergraduate tuition for New York state residents is $6,782. Out-of-state students pay $16,800 per year.


Virginia Commonwealth University


Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) consistently makes the top rankings for American art schools. It recently was ranked No. 1 for public art and design schools. Located in Richmond, Va., the campus expands more than 151 acres across the city’s downtown area. The fine arts, design and performing arts facilities on campus are highly accommodating with state-of-the-art technology and materials available for students to use.


Additionally, the VCU Institute for Contemporary Art is due to open October 2017, where VCU students and renowned artists from across the country will exhibit their work. Virginia residents pay $13,190 in tuition fees. Out-of-state tuition is $32,347 a year.


University of Texas Austin


Located in Austin, Texas, the university sits in the heart of one of the country’s fastest growing cities. The list of classes offered to arts students is extensive, from opera to theatrical design to contemporary dance. Students can major in art history, music theory, or studio art, among many other options. The program emphasizes integration with the larger Austin community, where numerous galleries and live music and performance opportunities exist. Tuition is $9,806 for in-state students and $35,906 for out-of-state students.


University of California, Los Angeles


The UCLA School of Arts and Architecture has been consistently praised for its four degree-granting programs in fine arts and design. Students can graduate with degrees in architecture and urban design, art, design and media arts and world arts and culture, among others.


The program emphasizes interdisciplinary education, incorporating creativity and the arts into academic studies, including the university’s diverse research programs. Students also will be able to take advantage of the arts and performance opportunities offered by Los Angeles. Tuition is $16,325 for California state residents and $31,427 for out-of-state students.


Belmont University


Belmont University is situated in Nashville, Tenn., home to some of the nation’s oldest and most well known country music venues and artists. Of course, the city also is overflowing with up-and-coming visual artists and musicians in every genre, many of whom attended or currently attend Belmont.


The school’s highly celebrated College of Visual and Performing Arts offers bachelor of fine arts degrees to students in art, music, theatre and dance. Belmont places great importance on the relationships between its students and their faculty advisors, who encourage young artists to get involved in the community and perform or exhibit their work as often as possible. Tuition for all students is slightly higher at $30,000, but there are ample opportunities for scholarships and grants.

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