Ten Great Engineering Programs

on September 12, 2016

You have decided that you want to study engineering – great! But now you have to decide where to study. Here are some of the many great engineering programs you can choose from!

1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT’s School of Engineering is known for being one of the top engineering programs in the country. Engineering students are given the opportunity to work in the Beaver Works Center, which is the program’s hub of research and innovation.

2. University of California-Berkeley – If you chose to study engineering at UC-Berkeley, you would have the opportunity to study under 74 members of the National Academy of Engineering. Thanks to their stellar faculty, UC-Berkeley’s class of 2014 engineers reported a starting salary averaging at $82,000.

3.Georgia Institute of Technology – On top of being a part of a fantastic institution, engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology will have the opportunity to study abroad. Engineering students have programs in more than 40 countries that they may choose from.

4.Carnegie Mellon University – Not only can you receive a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering from Carnegie Mellon, but you can go on to receive a Master’s, Ph.D., or go on to study in one of the research institutes or multidisciplinary research centers.

5.Cornell University – Cornell prides itself on being the home to curious and intellectually rebellious engineering students. These engineers can stretch their intellectual capabilities at Duffield Hall, one of the country’s top research and teaching facilities for nanoscience and nanoengineering.

6.Stanford University – Stanford engineers have been credited with establishing thousands of companies and making significant contributions to Silicon Valley. These Stanford alum have made important strides in the fields of information technology, communications, business, and more.

7.Purdue University – Purdue’s undergraduate and graduate engineering programs are consistently ranked as top institutions in the country. According to a 2009 study, 90 percent of students from these programs find jobs within six months of graduating.

8.University of Illinois – Not only do engineering students from the University of Illinois have plenty of research opportunities, but they also have the chance to create a well-rounded life on campus. The university offers many major-specific activities and a career services center solely for engineering students.

9.University of Michigan – Students at the University of Michigan have 12 engineering departments and over 60 engineering fields of study to choose to pursue. Engineering students would also have the unique opportunity to participate in an international exchange program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

10.University of Texas – Austin – Joining the Cockrell School of Engineering means that you can assist a team of faculty and students in researching the areas of human health, sustainability, and energy. This top-notch team has already made significant impacts to reach their goal of solving the problems of society in the 21st century.

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