Top 10 Least Lucrative College Majors

on July 26, 2017

Although a college education boosts a person’s earning potential throughout the course of their life, all majors are not created equal. According to The Economic Value of College Majors, compiled by the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, the lowest median annual income belongs to people who majored in early childhood education. They receive $39,000 annually.


This is a list of the least lucrative college majors, beginning with the lowest paid annual wage. The lowest-earning majors are concentrated in arts, education, consumer services, psychology and social work, according to the report. Some of these majors may be eligible for loan forgiveness programs, which may make them affordable despite the low pay.


Least Lucrative College Majors

  1. Early childhood education: $39,000
  2. Human services and community organization: $41,000
  3. Studio arts: $42,000
  4. Social work: $42,000
  5. Teacher education: $42,000
  6. Visual and performing arts: $42,000
  7. Theology and religious vocations: $43,000
  8. Elementary education: $43,000
  9. Drama and theater arts: $45,000
  10. Family and consumer sciences: $45,000

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