Top Schools For College Athletics

on July 19, 2016

For many students, watching college athletics is a fun pastime. For others, it’s a passion that could lead into a career after graduation. For those student looking to pursue a sport professionally, finding a school with a strong athletics program is a necessity. From lacrosse to baseball and many sports in between, we compiled a list of schools across the country with some of the strongest athletic programs.

  • Syracuse University Syracuse is a school rich in tradition – and that includes its lacrosse team. Students joining the Orange’s lacrosse team will be joining one rooted in tradition. The Orange is known for its ties to the Iroquois and the “Syracuse Bloodline.”
  • University of Kansas – At University of Kansas, basketball is king. In fact, the sport was invented by the founder of the KU basketball program, James Naismith. Students playing on this basketball team will be guaranteed a diehard following.
  • University of Texas at Austin – The University of Texas not only offers an outstanding swimming program to its students, but to the community as well. Students and members of the community can perfect their swimming, diving, Pflugerville, and water polo skills with the help of the Longhorn aquatics’ stellar teachers.
  • Stanford University – Stanford has a knack for sending its volleyball alumnae to the Olympics. This year is no different. Stanford alum Foluke Akinradewo will be joining the US women’s volleyball team for the Rio Olympics. Join Stanford’s volleyball team, and maybe there’s a medal or two in your future!
  • Ohio State University – Ohio State University is a football school through and through. Students playing on this team will be able to join in rituals such as the Tunnel of Pride and the senior tackle. If you’re lucky, you might even receive a pair of gold pants.
  • Vanderbilt University – Vanderbilt offers its baseball players a top notch program. The MLB has taken notice – three Vanderbilt Commodores were selected on the first day of the 2016 draft. 
  • Oklahoma State University – Do you have dreams to win the Scottish Open? You should consider playing golf at Oklahoma State University! Oklahoma State alum Alex Noren earned his fifth career European Tour victory by snagging the title at the Scottish Open.
  • University of Virginia – The University of Virginia tennis team has been winning multiple NCAA titles over the past few years. More specifically, the team has captured the title two years in a row, and three over the past four years. If you’re looking to play tennis, University of Virginia may just be the place for you!
  • Wake Forest College – Wake Forest College is well known for its impressive soccer program. The program has churned out many soccer all-stars over the years. In fact, Wake Forest’s Jack Harrison recently made history by becoming the first Wake Forest player to be selected first in the Major League Soccer SuperDraft.
  • Boston College – Boston College has a knack for turning its students into hockey fanatics. Many alum cite hockey games as some of their favorite memories from Boston College. Students playing on the Boston College Hockey team will be joining a program beloved by students and alum alike.  

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