Following-Up After a College Tour

on April 21, 2017

You’ve found a college that you think would be a good match, gone for a visit, taken a tour and maybe even spent the night with a student to get a good feel for the dorms, food and campus. Maybe the college is no longer on your list of places to spend your undergraduate years, but if it is, your work isn’t done yet.


If you are interested in applying to the college, make sure you do the following things:




This one might be the most obvious, but it is also the most important. Reach out to any admissions officers or representatives you met while on campus, ideally with a question about the application process to demonstrate your interest. You can either send a thank you note or an email, or both if you’re eager. Thank you notes usually are seen as going the extra mile, but it will be easier for the admissions officer to respond to your questions if all they need to do is hit the “reply” button. Try to only ask them a small handful of questions — you want to be respectful of their time and not ask for information a college already has provided on its website.


Reach Out


Make sure to contact anyone else you met on campus who might be a good resource if you attend the college. These people can include the dean of the college you’re interested in, a professor whose class you sat in on or the leaders of activities you are interested in joining.


Write Down Important Observations


If you didn’t take notes during the trip, make sure you write down anything important you remember. This can not only help when making your decision about where to attend, but if your chosen college asks you why you want to attend, you can draw on your notes of the trip to give a specific and detailed answer.


Follow Social Media


Follow a college on social media. Most colleges now have a Facebook and Twitter, some even have an Instagram or Snapchat. If you took any photos of yourself on campus, make sure to share in a way where the college can see them.


Say Thank You


This won’t necessarily help you secure a spot at the college of your dreams, but don’t forget to thank anyone who helped arrange the visit or drove to campus with you.

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