Key Things to Look for During Your Campus Visit

on March 16, 2017

You might have read extensively about the college of your choice or even heard about it from current or former students, but nothing compares to seeing and experiencing a campus in person.


Visit a Freshman Dorm


Your dorm will be your home for the entirety of your first year: a year of new friends, activities and knowledge. In other words, your dorm is a very important part of the overall success of your transition. While you're in one of the freshman dorms, take a minute to read bulletin boards and hallway posters to see what activities students are involved in. If you see any, ask other freshman how they’ve enjoyed their time there.


Check Out Common Areas for Students


Whether it’s a quad, a common room in a dorm or a popular dining hall, most campuses have at least one place where large groups of students congregate. These spaces provide opportunities to ask current students questions and further investigating the college’s atmosphere. You can ask students what they like best about the college or what they’d change if they had the choice. Also, keep an eye out for student performances or club meetings taking place in these areas.


Visit the Library and Academic Departments


Libraries and academic departments will be two of the most important places on campus during your time at college. If you can, sit in on a lecture or arrange to meet with a professor, even if you don’t know what you want to study. Also, you'll probably spend more time than you think in the library, so take note of the workspaces available and try to imagine yourself studying peacefully there.


Take a Drive Around Areas Surrounding Campus


Regardless of whether your choice is urban, suburban or rural, you should make a point to see what surrounds your preferred college or university. Students often spend lots of time on popular streets in a college town or in nearby cities, so you'll want to feel comfortable and excited to be there. Take the time to observe your surroundings. You never know you're going to like a place until you see it for yourself. 

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