Making the Most of Your College Tour: Questions to Ask

on August 17, 2017

A college tour will highlight the best a campus has to offer. You should ask questions beyond what’s presented to you in order to get to know what a college is really like.


What's the average class size? Depending on how you learn best as a student, class size can make a huge difference. Because statistics about class sizes offered on college websites are misleading, ask your tour guide what you should expect. If you have a major in mind, ask questions about it: Some majors begin with large, lecture-style classes, while others feature small seminars right away.


How often do students use the library? Some colleges are more academic than others, and how often students use the library can be a good gauge. That said, at some universities, other study spots, such as a café or student union, might be more popular. You also can ask your tour guide where his or her favorite place to study is — but keep in mind that students in different majors often prefer to study in different locations.


How many students participate in clubs and activities? Colleges love to boast about the number of student-led organizations on campus, but to get a real idea of how many students actively participate in extracurricular activities, ask your tour guide. Whether you prefer an environment where everyone is busy or one where students aren't pressured to fill their free time, you'll want to know what the extracurricular scene is like before you commit. Consider asking which clubs are most popular, too.


How many students study abroad or pursue internships? If studying abroad or working an internship are important to you, ask your tour guide how easy it is to pursue these opportunities. Some colleges make it easy to study abroad. Some colleges also help arrange summer or semester internships for students.


What are the best ways to socialize on campus? Colleges often have a hard time describing their student social experiences, so ask your tour guide for their perspective. Do most students make friends in their dorm, classes or extracurriculars? Are their on-campus parties or do people venture off campus for fun? Ask about your tour guide's favorite tradition, how students date and the best way to meet new friends. Though just one perspective, it's the perspective of a student who loves their college.

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