Will You and Your Friend Get into the Same College?

on November 7, 2016

Big changes come along with transitioning from high school to college. You will be leaving the familiarity of your high school halls. You may be moving into a dorm room. You will be surrounded by hundreds, or maybe thousands, of new people every day. Change can be overwhelming. 

But, what if there were some things that didn’t have to change? It is not a good idea to choose the same college as a friend just to feel at home. But there’s nothing wrong with you and your friend falling in love with the same college! 

Cappex provides a tool to help determine if you and your friend have a chance at getting into the same college: The Cappex What Are My Chances Calculator.

To use the Cappex What Are My Chances Calculator, login to your Cappex account and list the colleges you are considering. Encourage your friend to register or login in to their own Cappex account and to do the same. Using your GPA and ACT/SAT test scores, the What Are My Chances tool will calculate both of your chances of getting into your dream schools. Compare your results with your friend and start planning for the next step in your college journey together! 

Check out the What Are My Chances Calculator for every college on your list. This tool will help you to better plan for your transition to college. And, it is an added bonus if your best friend is by your side as you prepare for the next phase of your life! 


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