Colleges with Kosher Meal Plans

on May 18, 2017

When it comes to kosher meal plans and dining options, many colleges offer an array of choices to their students. Take a look at this list of colleges with excellent kosher dining halls and meal plans on campus.


Boston University


Often cited as the best as far as kosher observance is concerned, Boston University has a kosher dining room on campus in the Florence & Chafetz Hillel House. With the BU meal plan, students could theoretically eat every meal in the Hillel House or take something to go from the Granby St. Café, which is located in the same building. This dining hall also offers meals on Shabbat, Passover and other religious holidays, all of which are included in the meal plan. The Florence & Chafetz Hillel House serves a mix of hot and cold meals, with a salad bar, vegetarian option and desserts, all prepared under strict kosher supervision.


New York University


New York University (NYU) also has a separate location for kosher meals, which are served in the Kosher Eatery near Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. The Eatery accepts NYU's meal plan, dining dollars, campus cash and cash or credit cards as payment. There is a Shabbat meal every Friday and meat dishes are served Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Dairy is served on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students also can take kosher meals to go from the Weinstein dining hall or the Market Place in Kimmel.


Washington University in St. Louis


Pre-packaged kosher meals at Washington University are available in almost every eatery on campus. Students looking for hot meals can go to L’Chaim, the kosher station in the main dining hall, Bear’s Den. Kosher meals are available with the universitywide undergraduate meal plan, which operates on a points system. The campus Hillel also provides free meals for students on religious holidays and there is a lunch rotation between the Hillel, Chabad and local synagogue called Bais Abraham on Shabbat.


University of Maryland, College Park


The Maryland Hillel has organized and facilitated a separate kosher dining hall for students attending University of Maryland at College Park. By purchasing a platinum meal plan, students can file for a reimbursement from the UMD Dining Services, which charges incoming students automatically for a year’s meal plan while living in dorms. With the platinum meal plan, students can swipe into the kosher dining hall for an all-you-can-eat meal and they can bring a guest with them. Students with busy schedules can pre-arrange to take meals to go.


Barnard College


On the Barnard meal plan, students can access the Hewitt Dining Hall, where kosher meals are served every day of the week. The dining hall also is open to students at Columbia, since many resources and buildings are shared between the two campuses. The food is prepared under Rabbinical supervision in separate meat and dairy kitchens. The food is served in the same dining hall that provides for all Barnard students.


Breakfast and lunch meals include dairy, while dinner meals are meat dishes Monday through Friday. Shabbat meals are offered for students who sign up online or at the Hillel building on 115th and Broadway.

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