How to Choose Colleges

on March 29, 2017

When it’s time to apply to college, picking the best colleges for you doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tips to picking the best places to continue your education after high school.


List What You Want


Make a list of what you want from college. Obviously, you want a degree, but think about whether you want a rural or urban campus, whether you want large or small classes and whether you want a college that is close to or far from home. Also, think about what kind of financial aid package you’ll need to pay for college. These factors can help you narrow your search.


Do Research


Once you know what you want from college, research what fits your list. A Google search can help you narrow your list and discover whether a campus is a good fit. You also can use the Cappex College Match tool to help you decide where you might fit. If classes are too big, or a campus isn’t in an ideal location, don’t be afraid to cross colleges off your list. This is your choice, so be choosy about what you want.


Pick Safety, Reach and Match Colleges


Once you’ve found a list of colleges you like, make sure it’s diverse and includes safety, reach and match schools. Having a mix of colleges you like guarantees you’ll be happy with the ones that accept you. There is nothing worse than applying to a school you don’t like and having it be the only one that accepts you. Cappex has a tool that can help you see how your grades and test scores compare with each college’s current students.


Visit Your Top Choices


If you have a few colleges you can’t choose between when crafting your list, that’s OK. Schedule campus tours to get a feel for the colleges you like. Reading about a college online is good prep, but visiting a campus can help you get a feel if it’s right for you and if you like the cafeteria food. The main difference between colleges is in the students, not the faculty or facilities.

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