5 Colleges That Meet 100 Percent of Student Financial Need

on April 27, 2017

Before committing to a college, assessing the financial viability of attendance is an important step that can seriously affect your decision. Last year, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) changed its release date so students and their families could submit the form to some universities by an earlier deadline. For those who qualify, many universities provide financial awards in the form of loans, scholarships, grants and work-study programs.  


In 2016, only about 80 out of 1,100 colleges in the United States reported that they met the full financial need demonstrated by their accepted students. The list of need-blind colleges — those that do not consider an applicant’s ability to pay — is only slightly longer. Below are some of the country’s best need-blind schools that meet the full financial needs of their accepted students.


Amherst College


This small, rural private school in Amherst, Mass., is ranked the second best liberal arts college in the nation. At Amherst, many students are involved in its popular and extensive athletics program, a capella groups and local sustainability initiatives. With more than 38 available programs of study, Amherst's 1,800-person student body is very international and highly diverse.


Stanford University


Stanford, located in Silicon Valley, ranks first in the nation with almost 17,000 students (undergraduate and graduate combined). Stanford is renowned for the caliber of its undergraduate classes, research opportunities and successful alumni. Though its acceptance rate is only 5 percent, admitted students have access to exciting STEM and technology projects, top-notch academics and the beautiful California coast.


University of Virginia


UVA is one of only two public schools in the country that promises to cover full financial need (the other being the University of North Carolina). UVA is known for its medical and law school, as well as its large network of undergraduate, student-run groups and clubs. Charlottesville, Va., also is celebrated for its lively atmosphere, friendly to students and aspiring professionals alike.


Kenyon College


Like Amherst, Kenyon is a small, private liberal arts school. Situated in Gambier, Ohio, the college’s 1,700 undergraduates participate in more than 120 student-led organizations. There are ample study abroad opportunities and a 382-acre nature preserve on campus. Outdoor learning and conservation projects are popular on this sprawling, scenic campus.


Boston College


Boston College is a Catholic school of about 9,000 students just 20 minutes from the center of downtown Boston. The school is recognized for its research activity and historic campus, and a large proportion of its students participate in study abroad programs every year. It has nine highly ranked undergraduate schools and esteemed graduate programs as well.

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