Celebrating National Scholarship Month

on November 15, 2016

November is National Scholarship Month. Its purpose is to honor the scholarship providers across the country whose singular goal is helping students get to and through college. National Scholarship Month is also intended to encourage students to search and apply for scholarships.

Celebrate National Scholarship Month by learning about the importance of scholarships and reviewing tips for increasing your chances of winning money for college. Check out the information below and then start applying to scholarships!


It’s no secret that the main purpose of a scholarship is to provide you with financial support and to reduce your debt and work burden. Many scholarships are restricted to tuition, while others can go towards other college costs, such as a meal plan or textbooks. Other scholarships are about more than just money, providing you with non-financial support to help you succeed in college.


Winning a scholarship will distinguish your achievements. This can help you get into a more selective college. Attending a top-notch institution will aid your resume stand out in your future job hunt.


High grades and test scores are not the only ways to win money for college. Scholarship providers recognize the importance of other aspects of students’ lives. You can win a scholarship for exceling at a sport or musical instrument. If you are applying to your parent’s alma mater, you may be eligible for a scholarship as a legacy student. There are so many different ways to win a scholarship, so do not dismiss any of your interests as an opportunity to win an award. Be sure to fill out your Cappex profile to the best of your ability so we can match you with these scholarships!


Do not rely on one source to find scholarships, though. There is more than $6 billion in available scholarships, which means your chances of winning an award are about one in eight. You will continue to increase your odds if you tap all your resources for finding a scholarship. Start locally and talk to your counselor, take a look at the Sunday newspaper and reach out to community centers.


While these scholarships may have smaller award amounts, do not ignore them. A scholarship worth just a few hundred dollars can still make a difference. There is no limit to how many scholarships you may apply to. Small award amounts add up! Local scholarships have a more targeted audience, which means you will have a greater chance of winning.


In honor of National Scholarship Month, spend a little extra time browsing your Cappex scholarship match list or searching out local scholarships. This time could greatly benefit you in the future!


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