Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois

on September 22, 2016

Thinking about becoming a teacher in Illinois?


The Golden Apple Scholars program will help you earn up to $23,000 in tuition and assistance at more than 50 Illinois partner universities. This unique teacher preparation program combines a scholarship with classroom experience and game-changing resources both during college and in your first years of teaching. The Golden Apple Scholars application is now open!


Golden Apple Scholars gain experience working in a variety of teaching environments and receive:


- Up to $23,000 in tuition and assistance

- Paid summer internships in education

- Academic and social support

- Job placement assistance after college

- Ongoing mentoring from award-winning teachers throughout college and during the early years of teaching


The Golden Apple Scholars program was created specifically to support students who want to help change the lives of students in schools of need. Interested students are encouraged to apply directly by clicking here.


The teaching profession needs more qualified and passionate educators, particularly those who are from diverse backgrounds.


Illinois-based students with an interest in education should apply to the Golden Apple Scholars program today. Please note, the program is only for Illinois students who are planning on studying and teaching in-state.


Golden Apple Scholars: At a Glance


60 percent – First-generation college students

50 percent – Underrepresented population

50 percent – Low income


The Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois program can help you start your career as an educator who is committed to changing lives and improving communities. Visit the Golden Apple website for more details.


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