Popular Non-Work Study Jobs on Campus

on July 19, 2017

Not all students qualify for work-study jobs, but don’t let this deter you from working on campus. Here are some of the most popular jobs outside of work-study positions that you can find on college campuses.


Tour Guide


If you’re particularly passionate about your college, apply to give campus tours to prospective students. You’re paid well for shifts that usually last around an hour, and scheduling isn’t as strict as other jobs. You also get to interact with prospective students and help influence their college decision process. For those who consider themselves fairly social, working as a tour guide is a great fit.


Residential Assistant


Although working as an RA doesn’t pay hourly, it does cover one of the biggest costs of attending college: room and board. Living for free saves you more money than you’d earn in most college jobs. Serving as an RA is easy and can be rewarding if you’re able to forge healthy relationships with those living on your floor.


College Newspaper


Working as a designer, photographer, editor or reporter for the campus newspaper can pay handsomely. The abundancy of paid positions varies from college to college, but rising through the ranks and serving as a desk or managing editor can yield a healthy paycheck. If you don’t consider yourself the writing type, inquire about ad sales, creative director or social media management roles.


Student Center


Every college has some sort of student center or union, and they frequently look for students to work at their bookstores, cafes and front desk. If you schedule correctly, you can work during slower shifts and study or do homework on the job. These jobs fill quickly at the start of each year, so get your foot in the door early.

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