How to Find a Lost Student Loan Lender

on January 31, 2017

Sometimes, students lose track of their loans — luckily, it’s easy to discover the name of a lost lender.


A lender can go missing because of confusion about the difference between a lender and a servicer. A lender makes and holds loans. A servicer collects loan payments on behalf of the lender, sends borrowers statements and/or coupon books and responds to borrower inquiries by telephone and email. Some lenders service their own loans and some do not.


There are several options for finding a lost lender or servicer:

To find a list of your private student loans, get a copy of your free annual credit report at Your credit reports should list all of your student loans, including both federal student loans and private student loans.


If all else fails, call the financial aid office at your college. They might be able to help you find a list of your student loans and lenders.


Tip: Keep student loan information that includes the lender, lender’s website, type of student loan, amount owed, the interest rate, the monthly payment and the payment address.



When financial aid and federal student loans aren't enough to cover all college costs, consider financing the gap with private student loans. Shop around to find the loans that best fit your needs.

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