Cappex Becomes Top Free College Application Platform in U.S.

on October 12, 2017

The Cappex Application is the number one free college admissions application platform in the United States and ranks second among all multi-college admissions application platforms.


The Cappex Application does not charge application fees and is the only free multi-college application in the country. It has 146 participating colleges.


“Cappex has been a great partner for Manhattanville College," said Joe Cosentino, the college’s director of admissions. “Cappex is a one-stop shop, letting students explore, discover, connect and apply for admission at a single website.”


Almost half of all college-bound high school seniors use Cappex, which allows them to search for colleges and scholarships. The Cappex Application simplifies the college application process for them.


The Cappex Application was designed to be easier to use than other application platforms. Students are able to prefill the Cappex Application with information from their Cappex user profiles. It also uses the same core essay prompts for every college.


The Cappex Application also eliminates redundant questions and has about 20 percent less questions than other platforms. Students are able to can log in with a single sign-on, instead of needing to create a new account and password.


The program was designed to have a responsive user interface that intelligently adapts to computers, tablets or smartphones.


“The addition of a college admissions application to Cappex lets students complete the entire college match and college application process on a single platform,” said Alex Stepien, chief executive officer of Cappex. “We think this will be a game changer in simplifying the college decision process for students and families.”

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