Myths about Study Habits in College

on June 29, 2017

College will expose you to new class structures and place a greater emphasis on midterms and final exams. Here are some myths about study habits in college:


Study Where it is Silent


This will be true for some and false for others. Take the time to find a space where you can study in peace. Popular college study spots include your room, the library or a bustling café. Each person is different, so establishing your most productive study place before midterms puts you at a huge advantage.


Don’t Study in Groups


In some cases, it’s advantageous to break down large study guides in groups. You can cover a lot of material at a quicker pace than you would on your own. Everybody’s in it together, and working in groups is a great way to strengthen relationships and capitalize on each student’s strengths.


Study All Night before an Exam


You should study as much as you deem comfortable, but trading sleep for extra time studying is a terrible idea. Your ability to retain information worsens when you are tired. Start by studying responsibly and getting eight hours of sleep before exams.


Write a Paper the Day before it’s Due


 You’ll be better off if you spend several days writing a paper. Budget a relatively small amount of time each day to write and at least an hour to make final edits on the day it’s due. Devoting all your time to write a paper hours before it is due will not only yield a bad paper, it will leave you behind on other obligations.


Studying will be Like High School


College features less homework, more notetaking and fewer tests. The lack of homework might seem like a welcome reprieve at first, but getting too comfortable with this new sense of free time could leave you floundering once midterms and final exams creep up.


Review notes from your classes every other day to keep your memory fresh. You also can make study guides or flashcards. You can’t rely on professors to have those resources for you. Capitalize on the high school study habits that worked best for you, but be ready to adopt new ones.

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