Myths from College Movies

on July 24, 2017

Whether they’re from 22 Jump Street or Homeless to Harvard, college movies come with plenty of myths. Debunking these can help you keep healthy expectations before starting your freshman year.


Here are some of the most common myths to come from college movies:


College is All Free Time


No college movie is going to emphasize students attending lectures, studying and working on group projects. Despite having more free time than you did in high school, college requires a lot of hard work. Accepting that there’s a balance between socializing and schoolwork is essential to succeeding in college.


Freshmen are Looked Down Upon


College movies tend to make freshmen out to be the students that are the most picked on. In reality, most colleges love to promote school spirit, and students love greeting their next generation of peers. Freshman year is the perfect time to get to know upperclassmen and have them introduce you to others and programs they’re involved in. College students look out for each other, so expect a warm welcome when you start your first year.


You Need to Go Greek to Have a Social Life


Many college movies focus on Greek life and the partying that comes with it, with Animal House, The House Bunny and even Monsters University promoting fraternity and sorority culture. Students shouldn’t be blamed for thinking these institutions are the be-all and end-all of campus social life. The reality of socializing on campus couldn’t be further from the myth supported by these movies. All friend groups, involved in Greek life or not, have their own gatherings. As long as you have a close social circle and friends who want to hang out, you can have just as much fun as the students portrayed in the movies.


Students Find Their Best Friends Early


To establish main characters early on, college movies show friends getting together early in college and sticking with those groups for years. This can happen, but it’s likely that it’ll take more than a week to find your best friends. Even after forming strong relationships, venturing out of your social circle to meet others and form a diverse set of friends is a great way to make the most of college.

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