The 2015 Cappies™

America's Favorite Colleges & Universities as rated by students.

Cappex knows that deciding on colleges includes more than just test scores and location, it is also about the experience. From dining to dorm life, Colleges and Universities work hard to create settings that keep students engaged all year and eager to return.

Compiling over 1.4 million reviews from college students of their on-campus experiences, The 2015 Cappies™ honors the top 25 schools across multiple categories.

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Safest Colleges
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Best College Dorms

A second home: these schools were accommodated in the list of highest ratings for Best College Dorms. Click here to see why these students feel so comfortable in the dorms of these colleges and universities.


College Dorms

  1. Johnson University
  2. Bowdoin College
  3. Florida Christian College
  4. High Point University
  5. Loyola University Maryland

List of Top 25 Schools