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Graphic Design Degree

Graphic design majors are taught to communicate visually through a variety of mediums for commercial use. Graphic designers use a combination of typography, computer-assisted art and design, technical drawing, color theory, modeling, animation, and multimedia applications to create logos, packaging, advertisements, print publications, and websites.

This area of study generally leads directly to a career as a graphic designer. It is available predominantly at the baccalaureate and master levels.


A Bachelor’s in Graphic Design is what’s typically required to enter the field. Taking the traditional four years, majors in this area of study will have courses on two- and three-dimensional design, desktop publishing, graphics for the web, digital photography, and more. To graduate, many programs require a portfolio and/or internship.

Careers for graduates with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design: Graphic Designer

Master’s Level

Furthering education in this field of study usually results in higher pay or title. There are several options at the graduate level, beginning with either a Master of Arts (MA) in Graphic Design or a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. An MA will likely take between 1 to 2 years, the shortest graduate program type available. An MFA will typically take between 2 to 3 years and is considered a terminal degree, so it’s a good option for students interested in teaching graphic design at the university level.

Two other options available to graphic design students are a Master of Design (MDes) or a Design Master of Business Administration (DMBA). Traditionally, both are two year programs and both are designed for specialization, such as constructing 3D models or web videos, motion graphics or project conceptualization. The DMBA will feature the chosen specialization as well as business skills and can be a good option for individuals looking to start their own business.

Careers for individuals with a graduate degree in graphic design include: Graphic Designer, Professor, Art Director, Industrial Designer, Animator

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