Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences, Other

Any instructional program in agriculture, agricultural operations, and related sciences not listed above.

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“…Penn State was a large beautiful school. It offered many different fields for students to choose to major in. There were many activities to do, organizations to join, and people to meet.” – Michelle

“…The environment is incredibly welcoming and you'll always find a place to fit in. It's definitely challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Personally, I adore it.” – Whitney from Berkeley, CA

“…The University of Arizona has been all I've ever dreamed of so far! There is something for everyone, no matter who you are or what interests you have. It has been the perfect college experience and more.” – Summer from Mesa, AZ

“…Ohio State is it's own small world. Once you get involved, which is a must, you cannot walk across campus without seeing someone you know. From academics to sports, Ohio State is an excellent school with long standing tradition. ” – Amarilis from Newbury, OH

“…UC Davis is a beautiful campus, with endless opportunities in all areas of interest. There are many research and academic internships, as well as being well-rounded with sport, music, and art opportunities. Every student can find clubs and academic...” – Kaitlyn from San Jose, CA

“…UMD, College Park is a school full of opportunities and great education. It has a campus feel, but is large enough to feel like it's own town and easy access to Washington, D.C. and other commercial areas, providing plenty of opportunities for...” – Jennifer from Western Maryland

“…my school, although huge, makes you feel like your at a small school with professors who actually care for your academics; my school works very hard to make sure that we the students are getting the help we need no matter what subject in school or...” – Anujin from Elk Grove Village, IL

“…NC State is a large school with a small school feel. You can walk around campus and always see a familiar face. There are always new people to meet as well. ” – Shayna from Germantown, MD

“…Utah State University is a great place to attend if you like to be outside (during the spring and summer of course). There are many things to do on campus. Classes are remotely easy to find. ” – Jenna

“…Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University is a beautiful, activity filled campus filled with a warm atmosphere and many different types of people. Even though the campus is a historically African American university, many ethnic groups attend...” – Kourtney from Huber Heights, OH

“…Eastern Kentucky University provides students with an institution, that will allow them to excel in their chosen majors. The professors are helpful, friendly, and caring. There are also, many groups and clubs for any student's interests.” – Krichelle from Lexington, KY

“…Murray State is an amazing place to learn and grow not only as a student, but as a person. The environment is extremely tolerant, friendly, and extremely helpful for students in any available major. College isn't easy, but Murray State's faculty and...” – Davis from Calvert City, KY

“…csu stanislaus is a comforting atmosphere that allows any student to entirely focus on their degree. education is the most important when attending college and csu stanislaus makes that their mission statement. it is a place to expand your knowledge...” – Katie from Modesto, CA

Wilson College
Chambersburg, PA

“…Wilson College is a small school so everybody knows everybody, and you will see a familiar face everywhere you go. We form friendships right away and there is a lot of community involvement. Our professors are willing to help any way they can when a...” – Student Class of 2013

“…I am dual-enrolled at Sheridan college and am taking half of my senior year classes there, everyone is very welcoming and I am able to get help when I need it.” – Noynek

“…Tons of resources, amazing teacher, and beautiful campus! I highly recommend this college.” – Krisandra from Santa Rosa, CA

Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, CA

“…Cuesta college is a beautiful junior college located on the central coast of California. The location could not be more perfect, people are friendly, and the staff has been great. This is the kind of campus where the teachers want you to succeed,...” – Emily from Templeton, CA

“…modesto junior college it's a college that truly helped me in my educational life. i came to united states of america not to long ago, and i have to say say that mjc counts with amazing instructors that helped me in a very unique way. i am glad to be...” – Marcos from Riverbank, CA

“…Great online classes, teachers are hilarious, administration needs to lighten up, student employees are all girls which i hate because its sexist” – Kirk from Chandler Heights, AZ

“…i have been going to night class, this is the best. i am now taking day class and i love the campus and the instructors they really care about the student. the advisor have an open door policy... it's great” – Robbie from Flora, MS

“…I love everything that Dordt College has to offer! The community on campus is the best part about living on campus. The different choirs and sports teams are a great way to meet new friends!” – Sarah from Tucson, AZ

“…Wilmington College is a small Quaker liberal arts college in South-central Ohio. Its faculty and stuff are dedicated to helping students succeed and make a difference in the world. The college is a perfect choice for any student who is looking for...” – Megan from Batavia, OH

“…if you make good friends and get active, you will have some of the best memories here!!!” – Erica from Little Rock, AR

“…This College has the perfect size of classes. It permits the students to have a one-to-one relationship with the professors. I really like it here because not only are the faculty and students very social, but the campus is also really pretty. ” – Edith from Statenville, GA

“…They treated me with respect and honesty! I ahd most of my credits and was going to be put on a waiting list and they put me through to Ohio Hi Point asap and will finish my last semester at Clark State.” – Lynette from Springfield, OH

“…Potomac State is a very diverse school with teachers and students being here. The Teachers are very flexible with the grades, classes and making you understand what is going on. The academic success center are always willing to help you and they are...” – Danielle from Martinsburg, WV

“…Good place to earn degree, classes are not extremely difficult. Most teachers are approachable and will tell you when they are available. Affordable.” – K from Dodge City, KS

“…Surry Community College has wonderful business administration and accounting departments and excellent instructors in their faculty. They offer online classes for both degree programs. The distance education instructors are dedicated professionals...” – Tina from East Bend, NC

“…Northern Oklahoma College is a great college! The teachers are always understanding and helpful. NOC is cheap and affordable!” – Haley from Blackwell, OK

“…It is a good school to get a smart start. They are very friendly and accepting of new students. It is a small school with a friendly atmosphere. ” – Carla from Altus, OK

“…Beautiful school, cheap rent on properties/rooms, low tuition but a great program. Champion Rodeo Team, Wind Energy Research, Iron Pour, plus great support if you need help in your classes. Can't Wait!” – Sonja from Tucumcari, NM