Atomic/Molecular Physics

A program that focuses on the scientific study of the behavior of matter-energy phenomena at the level of atoms and molecules. Includes instruction in chemical physics, atomic forces and structure, molecular orbital theory, magnetic resonance, molecular bonding, phase equilibria, quantum theory of solids, and applications to the study of specific elements and higher compounds.

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Harvard College

Harvard College is an undergraduate liberal arts school located in Cambridge, MA, within Harvard University. Founded in 1636, this private, very selective, Ivy League college is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and was...

“…The students are great, teamwork is encouraged (I've heard from transfers that it is to a unique degree), there are a lot of ambitious people but nobody is too competitive. There are a million things to do, in terms of academics, extracurriculars,...” – Current Sophomore

Ohio State University-Main Campus

Originally founded as a land-grant university in 1870, Ohio State University is a public institution in Columbus and the third-largest campus in the nation. OSU confers bachelor’s degrees in over 200 academic fields of study. In addition to classroom...

“…Yes, I am learning so much here. Although we are ran on a quarter schedules with only ten weeks to teach a subject it is manageable. As a freshman just finishing her first quarter, when I started to go to class I thought I was going to at least no...” – Joy from Washington, DC

San Diego State University

San Diego State University is a public research institution located in San Diego, California. What began as an all-female college for elementary school teachers now consists of 8 colleges that offer 95 undergraduate programs plus a variety of...

“…The professors here are very helpful. You definitely learn a great deal in each of your classes.” – Stephanie from Palmdale, CA

Rice University

Originally founded as the William Marsh Rice Institute for the Advancement of Literature, Science, and Art, Rice University is a 4-year private institution in Houston. Rice encompasses six colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees in over...

“…This university is great for people wishing to pioneer in an intellectual environment. With people from all backgrounds, even visitors will get a chance to meet people from places they've barely heard of. At Rice, it seems that they value the well...” – Juan from Spring, TX

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
University of Utah

The University of Utah is a public research instititution situated in Salt Lake City that offers more than 100 undergraduate majors. The U is home to three professional arts organizations to complement the College of Fine Arts, and even features a 3...

“…The University of Utah offers a wide range of class options within each major, making it easy to find classes that fit my interests. The professors are extremely knowledgeable, encourage open discussions, and most have quirky senses of humor that...” – Lauren from Sandy, UT

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

With campuses three miles apart, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities is the flagship campus with locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Minnesota confers bachelor’s degrees in more than 150 academic majors and minors. In addition, the U of M is...

“…Through one semester here at the University, it is not difficult to see that the capacity for learning is enormous. No matter what you choose to study or which classes you would like to take, the University has a plethora of options. For example, I'm...” – Craig from Waukesha, WI

Norfolk State University

Founded in 1935, Norfolk State University is a 4-year public school and Historically Black College and University in southeast Virginia. Norfolk State confers bachelor’s degrees in 31 academic majors and is the only school in the state to offer a...

“…The staff at NSU is great and help me with a lot.” – Kanisha from Waverly, VA