Bible/Biblical Studies

At one point in history, the only book that most people owned was a Bible. Countless people used this text to learn to read; however, its historical significance is not the Bible's only importance. The truth, the faith, and the belief that comes with its teachings influence people every day. If you yourself have been inspired by the words of the holy Book, consider becoming a Biblical studies major.A Biblical studies major centers on either the Christian or Jewish Bible and related writings. The curriculum for this major generally includes topics that help students understand and interpret the theology, doctrine, and ethics of the Bible. Some programs prepare students to apply their education to various religious careers. Degrees are usually offered at the undergraduate level.Many courses are held in typical classroom settings, though some may require observations, interviews, or engagement in research. Some courses will likely entail visiting local worship centers of various faiths. Fieldwork, including service learning opportunities, is often available with most programs.Career opportunities are available in a number of areas for students graduating with a Biblical studies degree. Positions as teachers, nuns, monks, priests, ministers, rabbis, and writers are common. Many individuals go on to become religious leaders or scholars.

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Messiah College
Mechanicsburg, PA
Florida College
Temple Terrace, FL
Covenant College
Lookout Mountain, GA
Dordt College
Sioux Center, IA
Geneva College
Beaver Falls, PA
Milligan College
Milligan College, TN
Crown College
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