Biology Teacher Education

Knowing how the biological world around us works is important. However, if you are fascinated by the various aspect of biology and are excited about the prospect of sharing your knowledge with future generations, becoming a biology teacher education major might just be for you. Biology educators teach students about a range of science-related topics, including human growth, development, cellular structures, and plant and animal properties. Biology teacher education majors typically work in the K-12 or post-secondary school setting, though career opportunities exist outside of the school system, such as in zoos, labs, or research facilities. College courses required for biology teacher education majors usually include learning theory, biological theories, and educational pedagogy. Courses are held in a variety of settings, including typical classroom settings, labs, and even out in the field for observations, interviews, or engagement with current educators and/or students. Finally, most programs conclude with a student teaching practicum, in which biology teacher education majors engage in fieldwork, functioning as a classroom teacher. Graduate school opportunities also exist in the areas of biology teaching education and other closely related areas.

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Marist College
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