Biology/Biological Sciences, General

Are you fascinated by human anatomy? Fearless when it comes to dissecting animals and human remains? Would you love to learn more about the human body and its organs? Biology is all about that and much more. The subject not only teaches about the human body but also other science-related topics such as insects, plants, animals, and sea creatures. Typical courses biology majors take cover topics such as neurology, genetics, aging, and human anatomy. With a degree in biology, you can pursue most professions in the medical field. However, depending on the type of profession you wish to pursue, there are different requirements you must satisfy during your undergraduate years. Many biology majors follow a pre-professional track, such as medicine, pharmacy, or physical therapy. Some continue their higher education by obtaining a master's and doctorate in biology. With a higher degree, many biology degree-holders become scientists, researchers, teachers, and professors of biology.

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