Botany/Plant Biology, Other

Any instructional program in botany/plant biology not listed above.

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Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a 4-year private research institution in the Chicagoland area. Northwestern is home to 12 colleges and schools and is renowned for its Medill School of Journalism, Kellogg School of Management, and Bienen School of Music....

“…If you can to learn, you will. The professors don't spoon-feed information - instead, they give you the tools to learn the subjects yourself. Also, just hanging out with people (students, and sometimes students hang out with professors) helps you...” – Allison from Port Barrington, IL

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Founded in 1867, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a public institution in central Illinois and the flagship campus of the U of I system. UIUC is home to 15 colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees in over 150 areas of...

“…I've learned things so far in every course I've taken and have met really great professors and instructors. You learn a lot from the people as well. They're from all over the world.” – Kristen from Chicago, IL

University of Hawaii at Manoa

The University of Hawai’i at Manoa is a 4-year public university on the island of O’ahu and the flagship campus of the UH System. The largest and oldest of the Hawai’i campuses, UH Manoa confers bachelor’s degrees in 100 academic majors. Additionally...

“…The classes that are here can be very challenging depending on your major and the classes that you are taking. There are some very easy classes that can fill your general ed. requirements and the teachers are very diverse in their teaches. Some are...” – Christopher from North Hollywood, CA

Utah State University

Founded in 1888, Utah State University is a 4-year public university in northern Utah and the oldest residential campus in the state. Utah State is home to eight colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees. Additionally, the College of...

“…All of the professors here are amazing! I truly enjoy going to class. They're witty and help you with anything you need help with. The student reviews help out a lot as well. There are always Teacher's Aids to help with any questions you might...” – Alexis from Heber City, UT

Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University is a public, 4-year institution established in the state of Maryland. FSU offers a wide variety of degree programs, many of which are unique, such as Adventure Sports Management, Forestry, and Ethnobotany. The school bases...

“…For this question, it really depends on what teacher you get, just like with every other college. I am a Mass Comm major and some classes you learn more than others. The strictest teachers are the best, end of story. They know what they are talking...” – Marissa from Lavale, MD

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

With campuses three miles apart, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities is the flagship campus with locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Minnesota confers bachelor’s degrees in more than 150 academic majors and minors. In addition, the U of M is...

“…I am currently enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and I love how the College is designed that you explore other opportunities than just your major. I am allowed to take courses I find interesting and I am not forced to stick to only Sciences and...” – Samantha from Ewa Beach, HI