Business/Office Automation/Technology/Data Entry

A program that prepares individuals to support business information operations by using computer equipment to enter, process, and retrieve data for a wide variety of administrative purposes. Includes instruction in using basic business software and hardware, business computer networking, principles of desktop publishing, preparing mass mailings, compiling and editing spreadsheets, list maintenance, preparing tables and graphs, receipt control, and preparing business performance reports.

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“…East Carolina is a very great school where they care about their students education and well being. There are unlimited options for education fields . If you ever need help there is always someone at your service.” – Jasmine from Garner, NC

“…Toledo is a great college with a great business program I would recommend to anyone. The teachers are very helpful, respectful and understanding to your desire to learn more and more. The students are very friendly and also want to help you learn...” – Freeman from Bedford, OH

“…Through Central Washington University, there are thousands of students who have the potential for educational success. Because of this, and because of Central's great ability to contribute to the education of its students, I would give the school a...” – Haellie from Buckley, WA

“…Colorado Mesa University is a fantastic school. They really make it feel just like home and the people there are fun to be around. I would recommend going to this school if you love the outdoors, they offer many great programs.” – Alicia from Cortez, CO

“…idaho state university is a good school, with high standards in academics. the professors at this university will help in any way possible to get you the best grade and the knowledge of the subject along with it. i would recommend this school to...” – Morgan from Logan, UT

“…Houston Community College is great! It's easier to learn here, because of the smaller classes. In addition, the classes are more affordable.” – Lashandra from Houston, TX

“…A friendly, fun environment. The School is really involved with the Community and vise verse. A great size and good pricing, I'm paying the same or less than I would have to go to some of my in-state School” – Kaitlin from Skokie, IL

“…uvu is a great place for gaining a higher education. it is very challenging to the mind. the school is very supportive of its students. ” – Stephanie from Orem, UT

“…Love how affordable it is to attend here and how easy it is to get the needed financial aid to have everything covered. I attend on-line and have found that the classes are easy to understand and the requirements for the classes are easy to fulfill. ” – SM from, OH

“…i would rate it an 8 it so far seems like a good school. teacher's and support plus all options available for help are the best, definitely help many students in many ways. i think i will enjoy my first years here.” – Ashley from Ridgefield, WA

“…navarro is a well known that lives by it's model succeding together. it has made my self esteem higher, and made me know that i can do anything i put my mind to and always believe in myself. navarro also has made me a better person inside...” – Veronica from Saginaw, TX

“…good for those seeking mntc courses. small class sizes. decent selection of courses.” – Tyler from Minneapolis, MN

“…the campus is beautiful and clean. the staff and teachers are nice and friendly. i like attending classes at estrella mountain community college.” – Faye from Phoenix, AZ

“…schoolcraft has wonderful teachers, classes and people. everyone makes you feel welcome and on equal ground when you first start. people don't judge you there.” – Meridith from Dearborn Heights, MI

“…This school encourages you to pursue your career goals. The teachers are very helpful. The small environment encourages students to learn and get more face time with teachers.” – Jaslyn from Lubbock, TX

“…I've been a student at CLC since the beginning of 2011, and now I finally applied for a major in 2013. I admire their organization, their seriousness and sources available for studying that they offer. Definitely, it's an excellent college.” – Luiza from Vernon Hills, IL

“…Attending Joliet Junior College is the best decision I have ever made. The Professors there have given me motivation, belief in myself and the desire to contribute all I can to this world. My life has a new meaning since attending JJC.” – Linda from Joliet, IL

“…just be willing to work hard, and every teacher will be willing to help you succeed. if you are looking for blow-off classes, then you are going to dislike some of the best teachers. they give you your money's worth, and is the best community college...” – Petra from West, TX

“…mvnu is a good school and i have been blessed to be a pseo (post-secondary education option) student here for the past 2 years. growing up in mt. vernon, mvnu has been a big part of the community and i have gotten to know many of the past students...” – MVNU PSEO Student

“…It's an amazing place where you can share special experiences with family and friends. The classes are really good and you get to see new things that probably you didn't know about DC. You have many resources on campus so that you won't have to worry...” – Jared from Washington, DC

“…This school is affordable, had very kind staff and counselors to work with you, and has hundreds of different opportunities for scholarships and funding to help you with your school. It was a great idea for me to come here, because it gave me a...” – Nikola from Yorkville, IL

“…This school is a good one. I've gone to several different schools and this is my favorite one so far. I would rate them high.” – Amanda from Bidwell, OH

“…Rock Valley College is the a great place for adult students. The low tuition rate and night class availability is what makes working a full-time job while furthering your education and career a possibility. Also, every instructor I've had so far has...” – Rachel from Belvidere, IL

“…i am currently a student at college of the redwoods in crescent city. i have had some real great teachers. some of the teachers at the college of the redwoods in crescent city make learning easy and enjoyable.” – Brandon from Crescent City, CA

“…keep it clean and on-topic. don't make it personal. please don't include personal attacks, inaccurate information or offensive remarks in your review.” – Aneesh from India

“…Casper College has provided me with the opportunity to further my education, develop my social skills, and become an overall well rounded student. The faculty that has assisted me in my endeavors has been more helpful than I ever could have imagined...” – Katherine from Casper, WY

“…northwest is the best! the campus has a great vibe and everyone is very friendly and eager to help you with all of your needs. if you are looking for a college to be yourself in, this is the college for you!” – Shelby from Sarah, MS

“…paradise valley is a school with many different types of ethnic groups and they find a way to adapt to all the needs. their safety department is very useful and quick. thus, the flexibility in its class hours makes it easy for anyone to adapt and...” – Mariel from Phoenix, AZ

“…It is a wonderful place to take your first steps into the college world. The campus can be a little difficult at first but you have help always right around a corner. I don't think I have ever had a problem with asking for advice or help with any...” – Jilanne from East Moline, IL

“…it is more down to earth then the last collage i was has alot more to offer,an the people seem alot more freindly” – Alexander from Thornton, CO

“…St. Philip's community college is a great school to attend your first two years of college. The staff and teachers really care about the students and will do everything they can to help you be successful. I'm so glad chose to attend St. Philip's...” – Janielle

“…i think crowder college is the perfect community college to attend. i would rate them among the highest two year college in missouri.” – Rebecca from Monett, MO

“…Coastal Bend College has a great learning experience. The teachers are nice and the faculty is too. They have a lot of events that bring people together and get them talking!” – Christina from Houston, TX

“…San Jacinto is an excellent college for duel credit students such as myself. It puts students in the position to take responsibility as young adults while still in high school. Overall, it is a good two year college as well.” – Ashley from Channelview, TX

“…Lake Superior College is a great college. The staff is understanding, caring, and eager to help their students. They offer great online courses and make going to college fun.” – Natalie from Superior, WI

“…i am really enjoying nwc. the professors are great, the people who help me schedule my classes are so helpful, and i love the focus program. i love how i can go to school one night a week, test out of classes, or go on line to earn credits. ” – Juli from Stacy, MN

“…BSC is a great place to get your first two years of generals before going off to a larger, far away, more expensive university. It also provides a great variety of 2 and 4-year degrees. The campus is very nice and easy to find your way around.” – Margalit from Bismarck, ND

“…Vernon college staff has been very helpful to me. The teachers i have had all have been very understanding and helped me out tremendously with work that i didn't understand. Vernon college is an all around good school.” – Lashaunda from Wichita Falls, TX

“…It is an amazing Junior College! I would recommend it to any student planning to attend College! I wouldn't say a bad thing about PJC!” – Student at PJC

“…This institution values an in-depth opportunity to provide students of all income classes with a well-rounded education. The student population is one of the most diverse that I have seen, which only enriches my education. The instructors and...” – Nandita from Minneapolis, MN

“…I would rate NCTC with an 8 out 10 for a Junior College. The Professors that I have had thus far ave been extremely encouraging and insightful. The Corinth campus is like a small community where everything is right at the palm of your hands without...” – Chrystal from Little Elm, TX

“…This college is an excellent institution, and the faculty and staff have been very helpful with enabling me to reach my goals. The class sizes are small and the professors are very attentive and give as much one on one time outside of the classroom...” – from Marshall, TX

“…NEMCC is a great place to start your college career. They offer a long list of majors and areas of study. Not only do they have plenty of two and four year programs, but it is very easy to transfer to a graduate school with most of your credit hours....” – William from Iuka, MS

“…Great classes Great teachers Hard to get in touch with over the phone.” – Stuart from Bogue Chitto, MS

“…kaskaskia college is based in centralia, il, but is also quite spread out in the surrounding area. it's a great school to attend for cosmetology, nursing, automotive, or for quickly (and cheaply) getting your generals out of the way for other degrees...” – Michelle from Vandalia, IL

“…renton technical college has automotive instructors that are supportive of you in all aspects on your degree path, they have extensive knowledge in the field and are well rounded experienced individuals who also instill confidence and strive along...” – Shannon from Maple Valley, WA

“…The teachers are well trained. All staff are very polite and helpful. The classes are not overcrowded.” – Melinda from Waco, TX

“…northeast texas community college is great for students of all ages! most students are parents, or older adults, who are also working full time and going to school full time. the teachers and staff are very understanding of this difficulty and are...” – Kelli from Mount Pleasant, TX

“…The school was awesome. Always helpful! They understood me so well and me me feel like I was at home!”

“…they have online courses for certain degrees, and the degree programs are offered at more places than just at the college for students who live around the missouri area. they also have smaller classes than other universities and colleges so you can...” – Kylee from St. Joseph, MO

“…I think Alpena is awesome with easy access to tutors and a free gym. You can go to the library almost all the time, and it makes for easy studying. Finally the other students, teachers, and staff are always willing to help with directions. ” – Heidi from Sterling, MI

“…Garrett is a great school to attend if you do not want to start off at a big school. Professors will work with you to meet your needs.” – Jennifer from McHenry, MD

“…I love Gateway! Everyone is friendly and helpful. The campus is nice and easy to find your way around.” – Renee from Scottsdale, AZ

“…I rate Bronx Community College a 9 out of 10 because of the outstanding educational resources the campus provides, if not more than other two-year colleges. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and give students the confidence to reach out to...” – Sharon from Bronx, NY

“…Lamar Community College is awesome, it gives you the feeling like the teachers are actually there to help you! It is in a small town so the class sizes are amazing, so you get the one on one help that I love! The best thing about LCC is that it is...” – Gabe from Lamar, CO

“…Berkshire Community College is a top notch school committed to excellence. Standards are high; teachers are accessible; success depends upon a commitment to learning! It's the greatest! ” – Louisa from Lenox, MA

“…It is a small college with many people who are willing to help. Students dedicated to their college by attending classes and participating.But most important, teachers will teach you what you need.” – Mariana from Del Rio, TX

“…DACC is very affordable. They have great instructor to student ratio and has a great tutoring center.” – Branden from Danville, IL

“…The science-related and health-related courses are excellent. There are great teachers who really want to see you succeed. There are so many means of study aide in this college: the professor's office hours, open labs, peer tutoring, and the help...” – Hannah from Utica, IL

“…Overall, terrific teachers/instructors that care a great deal about getting the education that we (students) deserve. They continue to assure that students understand the course lessons, more so, willing to take time out to work with students that...” – Tanya-Marie from Guam

“…If you're fresh out of high school or are trying to get back into school then NICC is a great place to look at. It's not too big or too small of a school with a wide array of classes you can take. I chose to attend here not only because it's...” – Luis from Postville, IA

“…dsdas” – Girish from India

“…A school that greatly cares about your academic achievement and where you are spiritually. The college is always striving to make the school a better place. Great place for opportunities and forming relationships to last a lifetime.” – Freshman

“…Mitchell Tech is great! There is a lot to do on and off campus. Not to mention the Faculty is very helpful when needed.” – Sheritha from Mitchell, SD

“…Miles Community College is a wonderful place for students looking to begin their post-secondary education goals. The campus creates a sense of family by giving one-on-one special attention to students. Starting at MCC will allow you to receive help...” – Lindsey from Columbus, MT

“…I love the affordability. I love the flexibility. The professors and advisors are there to help students succeed! ” – student from Tilton, NH

“…Metro Fort Omaha Campus is great school! Even though it's small and not every bodies first choice I love it here. It's very great for first College Freshman.” – Nathaniel from Omaha, NE

“…wayne is an excellent college to attend for post-secondary students, first time college students, and returning college students. it's a great way to save some money! all the teachers are very helpful and welcoming.” – Lauren from Orrville, OH

“…Blueridge has been wonderful in all they have helped me with in getting back to school after 28 years. The Human Resource department has gone beyond the call of duty to make the transition back to school a pleasurable experience. I only hope that...” – Lisa from Martinsburg, WV

“…Sitting Bull College has alot of great classes to offer. I enjoy going to classes and meeting new peers at the start of each semester. Sitting Bull College is a very affordable and credited college that I would recommend to any of my friends. ” – Marletta from McLaughlin, SD

“…A Great School for Right out of High School, After a year off or ten. I have never found nicer staff at a college or university and they are willing to help you till all of your problems are fixed without any complaints. Good School for the cost!” – Andre from Jefferson, NH

“… The campus is really vast and has multiple places for studying purpose and also for fun. The facilities are in great shape and they're great equipped. Each department have great professors that are wiling to help whenever is needed. ” – Omar from Puerto Rico

“…BMCC is a perfect starter college. Its has staff and tutors that will work one-on-one with you. Fully credited and easy to transfer to and from.” – Joseph from Sault Ste. Marie, MI

“…Good school offering many different fields of technical study. The schools employees are very helpful to student. They have business and financial aid offices with workers ready to help in any way possible. They will help you find and choose an area...” – Kiana from Middletown, DE

“…The Fort Peck Community College is an institution of higher learning, that constantly strives towards bettering ourselves, our communities and life A college where your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is important to us! A...” – O'Dale from Poplar, MT