Cabinetmaking and Millwork

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to set up, operate and repair industrial woodworking machinery, and to use such machinery to design and fabricate wooden components and complete articles.

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“…uvu is a great place for gaining a higher education. it is very challenging to the mind. the school is very supportive of its students. ” – Stephanie from Orem, UT

“…bakersfield college is a diverse school where most professors care about the students. the education level is good, and they are opening a writing center for helping students when writing papers. the campus is of a good size and there are many...” – Joselin from Bakersfield, CA

“…long beach is a great community college. they offer many different programs at this college. they have many resources to help you with school.” – Keshia from Long Beach, CA

“…Cerritos college is very clean and safe environment, school atmosphere is very inspiring. The counselors are very helpful and knowledgeable, the staff is also very helpful. The best part for me is the professors they are incredible and go above an...” – Marisol from Downey, CA

“…Palomar College is a great school when it comes to academics and their staff. Everyone at Palomar is extremely helpful and wants you to exceed. However, there are a few bad professors in the bunch, but that's how it is at every campus.” – Jalena from Temecula, CA

“…i have found all teachers to come across clear and respectful without presumptions of any one student. also most teachers provide an accurate schedule of quizzes, exam, and homework's due dates and a brief summary of the way their grade charts work....” – Kiara from Seattle, WA

“…Small and efficient. The school is great for student teacher connections. The learning environment is a great positive atmosphere I have benefited greatly from going there for a year. ” – Jonathan from DOYLESTOWN, PA

“…Ivy Tech Community College is an awesome school. They are very flexible with your schedule and challenge you to do things that you thought you could never do. They have taught me a lot about being an adult and being a college student.” – Anthony from Indianapolis, IN

“…Lee College's Honors Program is one of the top programs in the nation. Lee College continues to make academic history. Lee College is diverse, helpful, and will provide a stable foundation for the rest of my life.” – Hai from Baytown, TX

“…i really like going to school at csi because the class sizes and its a small campus but still a lot of people. i can get help one on one if needed by the teacher and or tutor. its amazing school and i will hate to leave when i have to transfer...” – Theran from Middleton, ID

“…i am currently a student at college of the redwoods in crescent city. i have had some real great teachers. some of the teachers at the college of the redwoods in crescent city make learning easy and enjoyable.” – Brandon from Crescent City, CA

“…They following how student study in the class and how they focus on there study. The Laney rate is going higher.” – Chandra from Oakland, CA

“…the teachers are professional and intelligent. they demonstrate patience and competence. the school as a whole helps you to be the best you can be.” – Lorinda from Farmington, MO

“…There are may diverse classes to take towards your major. The teachers actually care about teaching their students. The location is nice.” – Amanda from Minneapolis, MN

“…I love going to Bates Technical College and am very happy with my choice. The classes are great, they teach me exactly what is going on in the field that I have chosen. The teachers are great and really try to be honest and straight to the point with...” – Bradley from Tacoma, WA

“…This school is very beneficial when it comes to getting you to the career that you want. The teachers are very helpful. The school is very easy to get around.” – Cheyenne from Haddock, GA

“…Great options in the Graphic Design program allowing students to customize their Graphic Design experience. The campus is easy to access. The facility and staff are committed to helping all students succeed.” – Deborah from Blaine, MN

“…I love Gateway! Everyone is friendly and helpful. The campus is nice and easy to find your way around.” – Renee from Scottsdale, AZ

“…good college, good teachers.” – Anjelica from Bangor, ME

“…in my opinion el camino college is a great school. the counselors and teachers that i've had are very helpful. i rate this the number one community college. ” – Sandra from Los Angeles, CA

“…Thaddeus Stevens is a small and comfortable campus. Most of all your class are under 30 students, which allows for plenty of one on one time. Most of the teachers are fun and always come excited ready to teach.” – Ronald from New Holland, PA