Cinematography and Film/Video Production

A single shot in a film can be remembered long after the actors or plot have long been forgotten. As a cinematography and film/video production major, you can learn how to create those shots that will be remembered by audiences for years to come. Students of the cinematography and film/video production major find the curriculum includes theory of film, film technology and equipment operation, film production, film directing, film editing, cinematographic art, film audio, techniques for making specific types of films and/or videos, media technologies, computer image making, multi-media production, and the planning and management of film/video operations. Courses generally take place in a regular classroom setting, though courses that include instruction such as editing, film audio, or computer image making take place in labs that have the corresponding equipment. A Bachelor's degree is usually required for a career in this field. A number of career opportunities exist, including opportunities such as film editors, video editors, cinematographers, or camera operators.

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Broward College
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI
Messiah College
Mechanicsburg, PA
Wagner College
Staten Island, NY